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Are you frustrated by your dog's behavior? Tired of the incessant barking, jumping up, leash pulling and potty issues? Bark Busters Portland Southwest can help you train your dog to be the well-behaved dog you want for you and your family!

Just like small children, dogs need and want discipline and a routine. There is no such thing as a "bad" dog - there are just dogs that misunderstand the commands and signals you are giving, whether they're intentional or not.

At Bark Busters, our mission is to help dog owners like you overcome any behavioral problems with your dog so they're never re-homed, neglected, abandoned, or worse yet - euthanized.

We train you to train your own dog. You - not me - will be at the center of your dog's attention.

As an owner of both a yellow Labrador retriever and Shi Tzu, I know the challenges you face in getting your dog to be the loving and obedient dog you envisioned.

Don't tolerate your dog's misbehavior - it will only frustrate you and your dog.

If your dog could talk, he would implore you to train him!

Throughout my 7 years as a master dog trainer and behavioral therapist, I have successfully trained 1,000 dogs throughout Portland Southwest including Amity, Aurora, Banks, Beavercreek, Beaverton, Boring, Canby, Carlton, Clackamas, Cornelius, Damascus, Dayton, Dundee, Forest Grove, Happy Valley, Hillsboro, Hubbard, Lafayette, McMinnville, Molalla, Newberg, Portland, Saint Paul, Salem, Sherwood, Silverton, Woodburn, Yamhill.

How do I know the Bark Busters dog training method will work for you? Bark Busters has successfully trained 1 million dogs worldwide. The system absolutely works.

And It is so much fun to tap your dog's potential and watch him learn right in front of you!

Please call me so that you can enjoy the dog you always wanted!

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Easy to understand but challenging to follow up everyday with several exercises to practice. I was happy to see that there was no punishment to the dog for not following commands. The training experience was definitely interesting and enjoyable. It was great to see how a dog could follow commands. I would recommend Bark Busters because dog owners need to know how to treat their dogs with respect.
Martha S., Sherwood, Oregon
Between the visual and hands-on, Dick made the training interesting and fun. Max is a different puppy. We can be a family and have fun. We are very much pleased with the natural training techniques. To be able to accomplish so much and such change without becoming physical with our dog is a blessing. Dick involved all six of us in the training and we all stayed focused and had fun. Our vet could not believe the difference and we are proud to have Max.
Dave & Susan R, Canby

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