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The manner and style that Dick uses to explain everything was easy to follow and remember. While we are still dealing with leash aggression - Ryder's behavior at home is completely different. We had fun watching Ryder pick up on the training and are enjoying his new skills - ie. staying.
Jenny and Mike K., Tualatin, Oregon 24th March 2014

Dick made the program make sense so that we could apply it to our situation and make it work. The results went beyond excellent! I was skeptical at first, but saw immediate results. The techniques are fascinating. I would recommend Bark Busters because the results are amazing! We are so happy with the results we are seeing!
Richard and Karen S., Happy Valley, Oregon 24th March 2014

Dick presented to 3 generations and all were able to understand. 8-71. Great immediate results and carry over to the next day. Great in detail and in on-site training. Excellent/learned a lot. We are all in awe at the results!
Roger G., Sherwood, Oregon 24th March 2014

Easy to understand but challenging to follow up everyday w/several exercises to practice. I was happy to see that there was no punishment to the dog for not following commands. The training experience was definitely interesting and enjoyable. It was great to see how a dog could follow commands. I would recommend Bark Busters because dog owners need to know how to treat their dogs with respect.
Martha S., Sherwood, Oregon 11th March 2014

Love the techniques. Debbie knows what she is talking about.
Darlene W., Camas, Washington 25th February 2014

We appreciate the flip charts. What I may have missed verbally, I could see visually. By engaging in behavior modification, Nala appears to be understanding who is in charge.
Linda B., Vancouver, Washington 25th February 2014

Debbie is AMAZING. I had let my dogs slip back into there old ways, and was able to take advantage of the lifetime contract. Our previous trainer had moved out of the country, so Debbie came to the rescue. Things have improved drastically since her first visit a few days. Food aggression is almost completely gone, my chicken chaser has stopped chasing and barking like a maniac in the backyard, marking in the house has almost completely stopped. And that's just after the first visit! With her instruction and a little more practice on my part, my doggies will be perfect angels in no time!
Jenifer A., Vancouver, Washington 30th January 2014

Lisa was very easy to understand and I love the resources left with us so we could remember. Both our dogs have already improved with walking on the leash. I love how praise is enough of a reward without using any treats. The training session was fun and our dogs were exhausted! I would recommend Bark Busters because I can already tell this is going to really help our dogs and us to be a better pack.
Lauren P., Wilsonville, Oregon 26th January 2014

Just that one lesson and there's a huge difference! The dogs aren't crowding the door anymore. They're all waiting to go through doorways. The hotel maid knocked on the door and they stopped barking with one growl. I told them to stay and opened the door wide (although the maid had already walked away), but they didn't try to approach the door. They're all doing well on the leashes (for the most part). How important is it that their heads be behind my leg as opposed to the middle of their head being even with my leg? Because if that's okay, they're doing great with that too. I took them out two at-a-time on their first walk this morning for potty break and it was amazing. Bella's a different dog, although she's almost hesitant to even go potty. She does go after quit a bit of encouragement. I decided I should still take one-at-a-time with Kobi and Sebastian which I did starting with their mid-morning walk. I took them all to the park about noon and walked them individually and they all did very well. When she's with me, Kobi's reactivity is greatly diminished with the growls. I can't tell you what a huge difference it's already making. I'm so grateful!
Madeline R., Wilsonville, Oregon 3rd January 2014

Lisa did a great job of reinforcing all the important points during the lesson. It took a few weeks to notice big differences, but Charlie responded to the "Bah" right away. After he "got it", his behavior changed dramatically! I liked that treats weren't used and we learned a lot that we didn't know! Thank you to Lisa and Al for being so great to work with our rescue dog Charlie.
Erin F., Lake Oswego, Oregon 6th December 2013

I think she's excellent
Gwen D., Portland, Oregon 16th November 2013

Totally Impressed! She made it so easy to learn how to speak and behave as the alpha of the pack Immediately, friends, neighbors and mailman noticed the training. No more jumping on people. I have a in home day care and he no longer irritates my clients or has to go in his crate! Debbie is very nice and patient and pointed out if I was doing it wrong so I did not develop the bad habit. It was fun. I look forward to seeing her and learning the next phase. I've told my vet to recommend her to his clients. I have already recommended her to several people because they have seen awesome results in my dog! I don't even have to give him a treat to make him listen. Debbie has shown me certain details in my corrections that I was not doing. I highly recommend her. She has a warm friendly personality and is very patient while we lean to train an out of control German Shepherd!
Barbara M., Portland, Oregon 16th November 2013

Lisa explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I saw immediate results. Already Sarge's barking is easier to control. The next day during leash training, both dogs remembered what to do. The training experience opened my eyes to the many new techniques. I've recommended Bark Busters already!
Brittany D., Oregon City, Oregon 13th November 2013

We knew exactly what to do. Dick's instructions were written and explained well. We would have observed noticeable results had we stayed consistent with working with the dogs. The first 2 weeks were great. Then we weren't able to work with them as often. The BB collars got their attention and they paid attention to our commands. Dick did a great job explaining everything.
Rhonda and Larry D., Canby, Oregon 21st October 2013

Dick showed us how to do each step, allowing us to go through the procedures with our dog. We still have work to do with out dog but he is much improved! Bark Busters came highly recommended from my niece Gwen Davis. Gwen knows others who have used Bark Busters and were well pleased with the results
Marilyn and Gerald W., Newberg, Oregon 21st October 2013

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