Bark Busters - A better way to a better dog


Now I feel there is hope and I just can't give up. I understand how to be a pack leader now.
Florence J., vancouver, Washington 22nd June 2014

Walking by my side was much better. Usually she is pulling way out in front of me. Change is hard. It can be frustrating, but I see a change and that gives me hope.
Cyndi M., Vancouver, Washington 22nd June 2014

Debbie immediately addressed a number of concerns we had and did an excellent job explaining dog vs human. It was nice to be shown just how easy it is to get and keep out dogs attention, which we struggled with.
Brandy B., Portland, Oregon 22nd June 2014

Debbie is a pleasure to work with and has helped us make a ton of progress with out shepherd! Debbie was easy to understand and interesting. I felt at ease and everything that she taught made sense. Debbie is great and the training works! We are extremely happy!
Susan W., Vancouver, Washington 22nd June 2014

We have experienced immediate results, and with ongoing daily training, it's only getting better.
Bob and Karen F., Tigard, Oregon 3rd June 2014

Dick is a good teacher. There is a great change in both Rusty and myself!
Sue Anne P., Hillsboro, Oregon 29th May 2014

Dick went step-by-step having us do the exercises, making sure our techniques were correct. I observed noticeable results. I am walking Ranger through forested areas with squirrels, robins and plenty of other distractions and Ranger listens. The training is new to me. It makes complete sense doing everything in life the 'natural' way. The 'at-home' training was very good. No going to Petco twice a week in the evenings.
Micah and Kalila T., Canby, Oregon 13th May 2014

My husband was skeptical at first and even he was won over with the first lesson. It gets the results immediately and they are techniques that e could employ!
J C., Portland, Oregon 13th May 2014

Debbie did an excellent job explaining how to communicate with our dog. Debbie provided several different ways for us to work on our training.
Jacquee L., Washougal, Washington 13th May 2014

We have seen significant progress after 4 weeks. Maya is much better around other people. It was good to correct our mistakes at the second appointment. Lots of good information. Dick's enthusiasm was motivational. I think most new dog owners would find it beneficial.
Denny and Marty B., Newberg, Oregon 7th May 2014

Very easy to follow the directions and comprehend. The training method works very well. We are still working on mastering it ourselves. This is the perfect and most logical way I could think of to train them - no treats needed. Finding time to work with the dogs is sometimes challenging. I will be dropping the Bark Busters name to everyone who asks - (and maybe even a few who don't)
Kelly D., Beaverton, Oregon 6th May 2014

We were slow to learn but figure it out! We very much observed noticeable results and we felt empowered by the end of the first lesson. A three hour session is a little long but it was very informative and constructive. There is definite value for what is guaranteed. The Bark Busters collar paid immediate dividends!
John and Jessica S., Hillsboro, Oregon 5th May 2014

Dick made it fun, educational and logical. Because he has a great voice, he shows by example how to growl and mean it! I love growling!:-)
Lauren B., Portland, Oregon 5th May 2014

Lisa is a very patient trainer. She provides wonderful explanations and techniques. I love Bark Busters techniques. I do not have to use shock collars anymore! I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Thank you so much for teaching Chris and I the skills to maintain well balanced, behaved, and happy dogs!
Tania P., Oregon City, Oregon 1st May 2014

I saw tremendous improvement with all four dogs after the first lesson! They all quit crowding the front door which has always been a problem for me. I have two reactive females and with lots of work, their reactivity has reduced by about 60%. I am hoping and expecting they will get to a point where we can be relaxed passing other dogs on leash. I have already recommended Bark Busters to friends and neighbors.
Madeline R., Wilsonville, Oregon 26th March 2014

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