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We absolutely observed noticeable results. Hazel is still learning and we still need to work on her separation anxiety but it will come with time. We love the no food reward approach and non-physical. Works well! Very interesting and great conversation piece. It will be good for all of our dogs, not just Hazel.
Matt and Dea J., Portland, Oregon 9th February 2015

The moment that Dick Messenger walked through the door changed mine and Lincoln's lives forever. He is very direct and clear regarding all of the techniques and tips a pet owner should follow. We have learned so much. I like the growling technique, but I can't quite always seem to get the hang of it. I keep wishing I could record the growl that Dick makes so I can replay it and imitate it. I love the lessons so much. We learn something new each time, and refresh on things we have forgotten. Dick is so patient with us. I am so happy that I got into contact with Bark Busters.
Aubrey P., Lafayette, Oregon 28th December 2014

Very easy to understand and follow. I just need to remember. I got instant to near instant results. I learned a LOT! And the most important things are the most obvious!! Simple. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors. I think this is a positive and effective program. The biggest key would be, as an owner, to remember to follow the instructions.
Audrey P., La Fayette, Oregon 24th December 2014

Debbie is fantastic! We have been having difficulties with one (out of 3) of our dogs -- excessive barking when she wants something (and she is a very demanding dog!) and out of control behavior when it comes to food (food addiction). Her directions to our family (my husband and two kids, as well as myself) were clear, direct, supportive and encouraging. She has a great sense of humor and a seemingly endless amount of patience (and determination) when it came to modifying Bailey's behavior. Debbie provided us with the tools needed so that we can continue to work with Bailey on our own and I am very happy to say that I am definitely seeing results!
Jodi B., Vancouver, Washington 15th December 2014

It was very easy to implement all techniques recommended and follow through. Izzy is so much more relaxed and easier to walk. She is much more responsive and walking is fun again!
Sheree W., Ridgefield, Washington 1st December 2014

Dick was very easy to follow and understand and very pleasant to learn from. Minnie was very different at first and understood quickly that life was going to be all new! Very pleased - especially no treats and no clicker! We had a lot of fun learning from Dick We've already recommended Bark Bark Busters to our friends!
Sean and Vicky M., Happy Valley, Oregon 19th November 2014

Lisa explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I saw noticeable results by the end of the first session and was pleased with the natural techniques that were used. And I'm pleased that a payment plan was offered!
Lisa M., Aloha, Oregon 19th November 2014

It was a great experience! Our dogs responded well and are already behaving better!
Forrest and Cindy S., Beaverton, Oregon 19th November 2014

Dick helped us with two dogs and was able to communicate with both us and the dogs even with distractions. Immediate Results! Our dogs were behaving better by the end of the first session. The training was difficult at first but it was working so we kept at it. Dick was professional and friendly.
Heather and Ryan A., Hillsboro, Oregon 18th November 2014

Mr Messenger was very professional in his presentation of the Bark Busters program. While working with me his instructions were clear and gave me confidence that I would be able to implement the program with my Zeke. I am looking forward to doing more with Mr Messenger's guidance.
Bill S., Beaverton, Oregon 18th November 2014

Our 'old' eyes made it difficult for us to understand but Dick was very patient with us and helped us to understand. Both dogs listened to us and responded right away. They acted awfully when Dick first came to the door but were soon responding in a positive way. We didn't realize that a "growl" could have such an effect on the dogs. We had a great time and the time went fast. It's too bad that every dog owner can't be trained like this. There was one thing we hesitated to do (kick them out of our bed) but they did fine. I'm struggling with that but I'm sure I'll adjust.
Sherry and Norm O., Canby, Oregon 18th November 2014

Everything made sense and the dogs responded well to Lisa and the training she taught us. I saw results right away, but the hardest part is not allowing the dogs to slowly start leading me again. I like that the training is natural and follows their natural instincts. The training makes sense and is very humane. I have determined dogs and being so pregnant, it was not easy. But they have truly improved and we celebrate each little win!
Maegan T., Oregon City, Oregon 3rd November 2014

My Dogs were like new dogs! I look forward to my sessions with Debbie. I learn so much every time. The changes in my dogs in such a short time are amazing. With three large dogs my house is out of control! With Debbie's help there is so much less chaos!
Heather B., Vancouver, Washington 12th October 2014

Lisa makes sure we understand each of her techniques and explains why. We were amazed how much improvement our dog was showing after the very first session! We will be recommending Bark Busters to our family and friends.
Tom O., West Linn, Oregon 16th September 2014

Lisa explained the training techniques, was easy to follow, and the leave behind material is great. Diesel seems to show off for the teacher, but he shows comprehension after each session. We love not having to carry treats around. He doesn't always respond to the natural methods (i.e. growling), but the squirt never fails. We have learned a lot and it's gratifying to see the immediate response from Diesel with the exercises. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters! We were so worried Diesel was going to be more than we could handle. You guys have been lifesavers! The last thing we wanted was to maybe have to return him to the breeder, but we are confident now that he is a permanent addition to the family!
Katie and David L., Beaverton, Oregon 23rd August 2014

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