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Dick was excellent at ensuring that we knew all of the key points. He was very patient and thorough. Clearly, we had regained control of our pets and most importantly, our lives. I don't know how we lived without this most basic knowledge on owning, training and loving our pets.
Bob and Debbie Evans, Hillsboro 13th September 2007

My wife and I have had our Nelly (beagle/pug) for around 4 to5 years. She is a great dog, although she has a few quirks that for her happiness we would like to resolve. . . . Within the two hours Lisa was here, we saw immediate results with Nellie. I am sure that with our continued practice and patience, we will finally see Nellie learn to be the loved and cared for stress-free dog that she deserves to be. I am most impressed by the complete absence of any physical corrections and hands-off approach to dog training. I will without a doubt refer any clients with issues to Al and Lisa as I am sure there isn't a dog they won't be able to help.
Andrea & Jason Sousa, Portland 25th July 2007

We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors because of the immediate results which were so amazing! After just one visit, our lives have improved tremendously. I am already looking forward to being able to have guests in my house!
Anne Wilson, Lake Oswego 22nd May 2007

The training experience was exhausting, emotional, and life changing! We would recommend Bark Busters because the training in understanding pack mentality is powerful and essential for communication between dog and human. You must have an open mind to understand and accept the fact that the dog owner must be "trained" in order to be effective in training the dog toward desired and away from undesirable behavior. Not all people understand this. I'm so glad I do!
Jill Millionis, Lake Oswego 22nd May 2007

I can't believe how quickly I saw results. We are very pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable. I firmly believe in the pack philosophy and found that my approach had caused so many behavior problems. I was thrilled by how quickly my dog Maggie responded. It was like she wanted it! We are looking forward to seeing her progress.
Jennifer Mainero, Beaverton 22nd May 2007

I am a Bark Buster Believer! Lisa came to our house on Friday to get us started on training our 1-yr-old German Shorthaired Pointer. We have taken the advice that Lisa gave us and have used it consistently. It has been just three days and it is as if we have a completely different dog. Roxy, the dog, used to pull me on the leash to the point where she would be choking and coughing. I have taken her for walks during the last three days and she walks next to me without tension in her collar. She used to jump about 5 feet in the air at the front door when someone arrived. (ask Lisa, she was a witness!) Roxy now sits back and waits without barking and without jumping on the people when they come in. If we are not home she will bark at the door, but when she sees that it is us, she sits down and waits for us to come in. I was in tears the other day when Roxy and I were walking because it truly was a completely different and very pleasurable experience. One that I wasn't sure I would ever be able to have with her. I am looking forward to the continued progress that Roxy will make as we continue our training. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to allow my dog the freedom to be a dog and a wonderful companion!
Sharon H., Clackamas, OR 24th April 2006

We purchased our dog when he was 1 yr. old. He had some very bad behaviors, including biting. The first day of training, he immediately responded to the techniques of Bark Busters. The whole family is not afraid as before and now is in charge! Thank you for a great company.
Pat Cox, West Linn, OR 3rd February 2005

We never thought we would ever have such well-behaved dogs! We are thrilled with your service and would highly recommend this training program to everyone with a dog. Thank you for all your help!
Stephanie Pazourek, West Linn, OR 3rd February 2005

I knew I had my work cut out for me when I acquired two male Weimaraners. With the techniques taught by Bark Busters put into daily training, the outcome is amazing. The simplicity of the 100% non-physical drills will blow you away! I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone.
Kurt Hennig, Lake Oswego, OR 3rd February 2005

The Holzers were very helpful and professional. Libby is a different dog. No more "front door" nightmares.
Char Rawlinson, Lake Oswego, OR 3rd February 2005

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