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Roxanne responded well! Dick was fun and very knowledgeable about dogs. He gave good info on what to do about bad behavior. I was amazed how fast I saw results! Dick made it fun.
Julie and Jack Giffen, Willamina 5th December 2007

The training was straightforward and precise. Went step by step, helping us with our weak spots. Explaining the reasons why we were doing things helped so much. The puppies were actually walking behind me almost immediately. Made us aware of our bad habits.
Erika Ellis, Clackamas 5th December 2007

Shadow is now the dog we'd hoped she would be. Most of the problems we were experiencing with her vanished quickly. We were initially surprised that only two visits were common, but we are very pleased with the changes in Shadow's behavior and will call in the future if the need arises. We have already recommended Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. We are so glad we chose to invest in Bark Busters. We now live in peace and happiness with our 1-year-old Lab puppy! The lifetime guarantee and success makes the investment very worthwhile.
Kristin and James Hamilton, Tualatin 15th November 2007

Dick was very professional, patient and explored everything perfectly. It was exciting to witness results so quickly! What a difference this has made in the quality of our lives. I'm so thankful that I called!
Kathleen Sprague, Woodburn 16th October 2007

Dick was wonderful, letting me know just what I needed to do. This whole training process is well worth the money and time. My friend in Denver, CO will be calling.
Cindy Slaybaugh, Beaverton 16th October 2007

We could not believe the difference in our dog's behavior. Lisa was so much fun in her approach. She made it easy to understand and we know we can do this. Thank you..thank you...thank you. We were skeptical at first, but now we are believers. Lisa trained us! Now we just need to work with our dog. We saw immediate positive results and we have no doubt about Bark Busters methods. Cesar who???
Gary and Jane Quinn, Milwaukie 1st October 2007

I was very pleased! Dick was very articulate and thorough in his explanations. I am a breeder of Greater Swiss mountain dogs and am always asked for recommendations by new puppy owners. Dick is a very pleasant and knowledgeable man and it was a pleasure to work with him.
Michele Slate, Sherwood 13th September 2007

Dick was very patient with us through the exercise/training techniques and was very thorough with making sure we got the techniques down correctly with "Kai." We were very impressed with the behavioral modification techniques and verbal/tone praises vs. 'physical techniques' and 'treat rewards' to reinforce the behavior we want Kai to exhibit.
Michelle Miyao, Hillsboro 13th September 2007

Dick was wonderful in explaining the reasoning behind all the techniques. Our meeting was scheduled for 2.5 hours and he spent 4 hours with us as we have special circumstances with 5 dogs, horses and 20 acres!!
Wendy Prieve, Newberg 13th September 2007

Measurable results and instantly showed.
Gerrick and Hiromi Adachi, Portland 13th September 2007

We were amazed! Our dog was noticeably more attentive and less anxious (more relaxed and tired after training). We were thrilled by the natural techniques. We have tried many things and some have seemed uncomfortably forceful. This approach is a win-win situation - not a struggle! Dick's presentation and hands-on training were helpful, organized and very supportive. It's wonderful knowing we aren't alone after one visit.
Amanda and Steve Keniston, Newberg 13th September 2007

We saw results right away.
Yvonne Card and Barbara Holcomb, Beavercreek 13th September 2007

Thanks for teaching us how to be the pack leader!
Kristi Hart, McMinnville 13th September 2007

It seems natural and makes sense.
Doug and Brenda Hess, St. Paul 13th September 2007

I was pleasantly surprised that the responsiveness of my male dog was so quickly forthcoming. This was a pleasant experience and Dick was a very personable trainer. I'm eager to start practicing with my dogs!
Jeannine Graham, Newberg 13th September 2007

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