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Lisa is very personal. Spending so much time with me on her first visit made me feel important. She wants us to be successful! Definitely saw immediate results both from my dog Sydney and from me, too. I feel more confident handling my dog. I appreciate how the training is not treat driven. It's about leadership and showing Sydney who's in control. The training was interesting and enjoyable. I look forward to it every day. I'm so happy I connected/found the Holzers!
Vida F., Beaverton, Oregon 13th November 2015

Dick repeated and reinforced the basic techniques without being condescending. I liked that there were NO treats required for rewards. Dick is a very dynamic speaker. Dick followed up with a phone call and took his time to re-emphasize important aspects.
Valerie R., Sherwood, Oregon 7th November 2015

In just one session we noticed a significant change! We will be recommending Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors!
Erin L., Milwaukie, Oregon 29th October 2015

Adopting two rescues (1.5 years apart and 3.5 years age difference) made for a situation with differing problems for each dog. Nina our (older of the two) timid Terrier/Chihuahua and Sam our young, more aggressive Chihuahua/Keeshond/Yorkshire Terrier created different needs for dog training. After our extensive research, we called Dick Messenger of Bark Busters. We found Dick helpful, intelligent and knowledgeable and the program a perfect match for our needs. Loving our dogs was not enough as they were sweet with us but we were clueless about what we could expect out of them. (especially Sam's unexpected and intermittent aggression) As the four of us continued through our training, we all learned. They learned to accept and respect us as the leaders in the family and we learned how to develop that role and what steps to take to assume that responsibility. Dick's ongoing training reinforced the new learning (for all of us) with each visit. Through consistency, commitment and applying the techniques, ideas and knowledge from Dick, we now see major differences in Nina and Sam. This training is unique and we now understand why it is so successful. We are happy we chose Dick and Bark Busters and we are so grateful for our experience with him.
Chris M., Newberg, Oregon 26th October 2015

OMG!!!!!!! Where has Debbie been all my life????? Immediately after walking through my front door, she had full command of my dogs. After spending only two hours with Debbie, I am feeling more confident than I ever have about finally having dogs that view me as leader of the pack. My dog Rufus had a very annoying habit of barking almost uncontrollably, which he did not do in Debbie's presence. After she left, and he tried to start up barking again, I used the technique she taught me, and he immediately went silent!!! I can hardly believe it!!! To think that I wasted all that money on other dog trainers, who had never given me the tools that Debbie gave me the first day. I would HIGHLY recommend Debbie and BarkBusters to anyone who has any kind of problem with their dog(s). Thank God for Debbie!
Patty B., Vancouver, Washington 21st October 2015

Debbie, was prompt for our lesson. She was enthusiastic with her presentation. She encourage us the barking issues with our two dogs could be corrected. Debbie explained the difference between managing inappropriate behavior verses correcting the behavior and she demonstrated techniques to do so. During our two hour lesson we saw some positive changes with our dogs. Debbie gave us our "homework assignments" to work on daily. We look forward to Debbie's next visit.
Susan & Jerry R., Vancouver, Washington 29th September 2015

When I moved from a house in to an apartment my dog Kona who is a shih - tzu struggled with adjusting. Leaving for work was a struggle because Kona has really bad seperation anxiety, she would bark and cry. Sometimes she would jump at the door and jump on me. After making my appointment with Dick Messenger I was excited to start fresh with Kona. After just a few short weeks of me working with Kona she was a whole new dog! When I left for work instead of the barking and crying she would quietly lay down in my bedroom and I would leave for work. Thank you so much Dick Messenger!!!
Amber G., Beaverton, Oregon 26th September 2015

The Bark Busters techniques were and still are effective. Dick was very helpful and professional. I would recommend him to anyone!
Stephanie P., Portland, Oregon 22nd September 2015

From the first phone conversation I had with Al, I felt there was hope for our dogs' behavior. Both Al and Lisa exude a cheerful confidence and were very thorough explaining the Bark Busters approach - Day 1 we saw a marked improvement in our dogs !! We now have tools to use that are effective and humane - we look forward to each session. Love Lisa's creative ideas and willingness to listen, observe, take notes, and involve us in the process. We highly recommend Lisa and Al and Bark Busters!!
Lisa T., Tualatin, Oregon 21st September 2015

We've only had one lesson so far and my boy is already being behaved than we could do on our own. I was able to answer the door when one of my son's friends came over and cruiser didn't growl, jump out or dart. It was amazing. I'm so glad we met Debbie!
Patty B., Vancouver, Washington 5th September 2015

Bark Busters has been the best thing that could have happened for us! I can now effectively communicate with my three dogs without the frustration I was feeling prior. Al and Lisa are excellent! I talked with Al on the phone first, and he gave me great information and insight on how the training will work. He even gave me a few tips to start! When Lisa came to our house, it was like a whole new world opened. She never once said our dog's behavior was MY fault which I was gearing up to hear. She simply explained dog behavior vs human behavior and I immediately relaxed. One training session was all it took to have the tools to start a better communication system with my dogs! We have had several sessions since, and I learn something new to use as a tool each time. I am very happy I found Bark Busters and Al and Lisa. They are so kind and very committed to helping people and dogs communicate in a family unit. Our lives are forever changed in the best way possible! Thank you both for everything!
Stephanie G., Gladstone, Oregon 5th August 2015

Dick was very entertaining and thorough in his explanation. Oreo seemed to respond to his training better than any other methods. Dick has really come to our rescue with Oreo. We were thinking of giving him up, but have seen significant improvement since our first meeting!
Jennifer and Jason C., McMinnville, Oregon 27th July 2015

The flipchart orientation and sitting around the table that Dick did was a nice format. We noticed progress and we noticed that Coco is way more coachable and eager to please than we realized! I like the fact there aren't treats involved for a reward. This one and only session was long and intense but worthwhile. I would definitely recommend Dick from Bark Busters. The training was educational and engaging. He is very thorough, professional and personable. The methods are understandable and easy to implement. Already we are seeing progress and enjoying Coco a lot more.
Jennifer and Jason N., McMinnville, Oregon 27th July 2015

Dick Messenger is my dog trainer. I am very pleased with the training and lessons we have received. Dick has given my husband and I our own personal home exercise program. These instructions are personally developed for our individual needs. My sweet Bella dog has been very receptive to this training and it shows! Dick has been very instrumental in our success in behavior modification with Bella. Dick has been available by phone for any questions. He has made home visits. Both my husband and myself are successful dog owners thanks to Dick! I highly recommend Dick for your training. He is able to individualize a working program for you and your loved dog.
Kathryn D., portland, Oregon 3rd June 2015

Very knowledgeable! I can't believe the difference in just one session! We will definitely be recommending Bark Busters!
Michelle B., Milwaukie, Oregon 21st May 2015

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