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Every technique was explained several times and very well. Very enjoyable and entertaining!
Kim Haughn & Matt Meier, Beaverton 12th September 2012

The 3 dogs are now all getting along and no longer trying to establish dominance. I am not a fan of choke collars, which were required with other trainers. I was glad to see that that was not the case with Bark Busters. I am happy to see that I can have well-behaved dogs. I wasn't so sure before.
Natasha & Sean Byrne, Canby 11th September 2012

Dick did a great job at explaining the reasons behind each exercise. We were having troubles with our dog attacking our cat. After a week of training, they can be in the same place/room together as long as I'm there. I have learned a lot! My son enjoys working with me as train in the backyard. Two of my co-workers are interested in my final results.
Aaron & Jennifer Beattie, Damascus 11th September 2012

Very well done. Noticing results every day! Very pleased and very interesting. Very affordable and great results. Love that it is a lifetime guarantee!!
Debora Morris, Forest Grove 31st August 2012

Very understanding. I was very impressed by Brie's behavior. Very much enjoyed the training experience.
Karen Graham, Banks 31st August 2012

I found Dick Messenger to be extremely accessible - returning calls promptly and giving advice on the phone.
Karen Riley, Molalla 23rd August 2012

Freddie went from fearful to friendly in a month!! The training is a little physically demanding, but effective. I love Bark Busters!!
Lynn Larson, Sherwood 31st July 2012

Lisa always explained how and why to do things. I think I learned just as much as my dog did. We saw great results! He is a completely new dog! The natural techniques were important because I wanted my dog to listen to me always, not just when I have a treat. The experience was very interesting and enjoyable, but also hard work. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters! I have seen more change in my dog than I ever imagined. My dog was VERY wild when we met Lisa, but she had confidence in him and didn't give up. I am very thankful for that.
Elisa Gary, Milwaukie 30th July 2012

The techniques are clear and easy to understand. Buddy's barking was greatly diminished after each training session. The training is interesting and educational, moving clearly from exercise to exercise. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters.
Nathan Dysinger, Donald 2nd July 2012

Doing every day training, it is complete. I realized that I have to be consistent and not slack off. Even though I have hesitated on a particular method or item, overall it works and it appears Tucker is where I want him to be. Tucker and I have a closer bond and relationship.
Garry & Marilyn Coats, McMinnville 21st June 2012

It was easy to follow along with the instructions given to us and if we looked lost or confused on what to do next during the exercises, Dick guided us through without us having to ask. We absolutely noticed favorable results before the end of our first lesson. We really appreciate that the techniques don't use physical methods or treats. This was one of the reasons we were drawn to Bark Busters. Dick was very informative and helpful but he also has a sense of humor. He used real experiences to explain topics. We have already recommended Bark Busters to family and friends.
Jodie & Jeremy Scholz, Newberg 17th June 2012

The techniques were simple and easy to understand. By the end of the training we had a completely different dog! He looked so happy and relaxed. This was a great experience! Al, you were so nice and patient...a pleasure to work with. We have worked with different dog trainers. What we appreciated is how Al was teaching us as opposed too making us feel bad for how our dog acts. Some trainers act superior and act "annoyed" with how a dog acts. Thank you for your patience and for teaching and giving me knowledge and confidence. My dog is so much happier and we are too. I haven't met a dog trainer like you, Al. Patient and understanding, kind, helpful and effective!
Renee & Aric Goodin, Milwaukie 12th June 2012

Lisa has done a great job! We are very pleased with the techniques we are learning and realize the consistency on our part is the biggest hurdle. Each visit Bailey is showing improvement. I really like the training collar and the no treat policy. Growling is taking a little getting used to! The training experience has been very interesting to see Bailey's thought process. He is one tired 15 month old pup by the end of each session. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors!
Natalie Olson, Tigard 6th June 2012

Lisa is excellent at explaining how to accomplish our goals and making it very realistic to achieve. I was amazed at how well our puppies responded. They caught on very quickly and have been making excellent progress. It was very encouraging to have training techniques that could rely on voice tones and body language alone. The time seemed to fly by. Lisa was a joy to work with. I have already recommended Bark Busters to two friends!
Michelle McRae, Gladstone 5th June 2012

Lisa was very easy to work with. She explained things, had us try them, and then explained what could be done a little better. Some of the changes in our dog were immediate - walking to heel, following us through doorways, even getting into his crate! It was eye opening for us when when she explained that when the dog does something wrong, he's not a "bad dog," he just made a mistake! We were excited to learn this "new" way of training and to see the results! (this was a new type of training for us!) I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. It was so great to spend time learning new things and then see the results. I could not be happier with the experience! To learn that were were the ones who needed the help and that our dog would then respond was an eye-opener!
Charleen Tyson, Tigard 3rd June 2012

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